Find your way box

Find Your Way

find your wayA Christian board game

’Find Your Way’ is a game where you have to find animals, plants and different objects from Bible stories. Where? On the roads of the network you build around the temple. Who is going to find the most objects? It doesn’t only depend on luck, but also on how you find your way around the board. Making good decisions and working together will help. After all, the main aim of the game is to enjoy playing it.

  • for 3-6 players
  • age 6+
  • easier and harder versions
  • a big game in a small box
  • a changeable board
  • a biblical journey
  • adventure, excitement and fun
  • finding your way and blessing others
  • creativity and use of Bible knowledge
  • 80 colourful road pieces (34 plain, 21 object, 1 temple, 6 spring, 6 robber, 6 inn, 6 road toll pieces)
  • 24 illustrated object cards (objects, animals, plants, festivals)
  • 2×24 object cards with clues (light green = easy; dark green = difficult)
  • 4×10 action cards
  • 6 coloured counters and 1 dice
  • Rules